Survey of Social Workers on Information Sources

Recently my collaborator Ericka Kimball, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work, and I surveyed practicing social workers nationwide regarding EBP or research-informed practice, which information sources they use in practice, and library instruction. The article on this study is forthcoming — in the meantime, I wanted to share some of what we learnedContinue reading “Survey of Social Workers on Information Sources”

Share Your SSWR 2020 Conference Paper

Increase the audience of your SSWR 2020 conference paper!  1. Submit to your conference paper to SocArXiv (visit for more information) 2. Email and let us know you’ve submitted a paper. Please provide your full name, institutional/organizational affiliation, and title of paper.  3. Once the paper is approved through SocArXiv moderation, we willContinue reading “Share Your SSWR 2020 Conference Paper”

Access, Equity, Openness: Opening Social Work Research

What is the view outside the journal paywall? Students, faculty, practitioners, and clients require access to social work research to inform change on behalf of people we support. Our project, Open Social Work, is designed to open the corpus of social work knowledge to the public. Research-informed practice is an ethical mandate that is severelyContinue reading “Access, Equity, Openness: Opening Social Work Research”