Social Work’s (Very Few) Gold OA Journals

First, let’s define “Gold” Open Access: Gold OA is when the journal makes all articles freely available at the time of publication. In contrast, “Green” OA is allowing a version of the article to be deposited in an institutional or disciplinary repository, often after an embargo period. 12 of 281 I pulled together a listContinue reading “Social Work’s (Very Few) Gold OA Journals”

Archiving Policies of Social Work Journals

The table below provides a quick overview of embargoes for post-print archiving; visiting the full policy (via “details”) will further demonstrate a complex set of rules and conditions. Even as a librarian, I am confused by some of the policy language I found (what constitutes a “free public server” to NASW?). And while many publishersContinue reading “Archiving Policies of Social Work Journals”

Survey of Social Workers on Information Sources

Recently my collaborator Ericka Kimball, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work, and I surveyed practicing social workers nationwide regarding EBP or research-informed practice, which information sources they use in practice, and library instruction. The article on this study is forthcoming — in the meantime, I wanted to share some of what we learnedContinue reading “Survey of Social Workers on Information Sources”